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Window displays are crucial for creating the right first impression – attracting attention from those who may not have noticed you otherwise! Competition for any retailer is high at the moment, and with so many people shopping online, window-dressing skills are more important than ever. It’s not what you put in your window – but how you make it shine!  Or maybe you don’t have a shop but still need to create the ‘wow!’ factor …we can help you too.

Our courses cover the basic rules of visual display, window dressing, interior displays and merchandise styling – so find out  how we can help you, your team or industry group with our presentations, seminars and workshops.  Our different packages allow us to work with all types of individuals, businesses and teams wherever you are and if something doesn’t quite suit – we’ll create something that does!

January Workshops

Sell More Masterclass

In association with Lesley Barlow from A Fresh View

Especially for retailers and food and drink businesses – Lesley and I are bringing our unique combination of voice and vision expertise together into a short yet exciting hands-on sales training masterclass in our city of York.

 19th January 2017

To find out more  click the button below. We’re here to help!


York ‘Open’ Taster Day 2017

“How do I create a display? Just where do I start?”


Well come to our workshop and find out!  We’ll talk about why first impressions are crucial for any business, not just retailers, and how eye-catching window and interior displays can help you raise your profiles and increase sales. A day spent learning the basic rules and guidelines of display and with plenty of time for some hands-on practice too…and lunch!

You’ll be amazed how a couple of simple, inexpensive changes can make all the difference to your business!

26th January   2017

To find out more or to book, click the button below. Limited spaces available.


 Revive and Thrive

Doing our bit towards High Street Regeneration

Awards 2015


Winner ‘Most Valuable Solution for Retailers’

Winner ‘Best in Class Solution for using Space in a Town or City Centre’

Second ‘Best Overall Solution for Town and City Centres’

Awards 2016


Best Solution for Visitors

 Best Solution for Supporting Businesses

 “An engaging and hands-on course
which conveys the essentials of visual display in an accessible format”


South Lakeland District Council delegate

 Case Studies

calendar club

Calendar Club

We helped Calendar Club design a window display scheme which was easily implemented by staff for any size shop, & changed regularly.

View full case study


Local Authorities

Hambleton DC along with Ryedale DC and the FSB invited us to run a series of Master class workshops for their retailers in the run-up to Christmas.

View full case study



Leading on from one of our successful presentations with Oxfam, they were so pleased with the results they booked several more!

View full case study


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