Visual Merchandising

What is it exactly?

Basically, it’s both the art and science of making what you do or sell look really appealing so you attract not only customers, but sales too.  It’s not only how much of what and where you place your merchandise, but how it looks and sits with your displays, leading your customer around exactly where you want them to go….all clever stuff!  

Under this huge ‘VM’ umbrella there are many specialists who focus on specific areas of the task,  but everyone and everything needs to work together so you create a memorable experience for your customers who will want to return regularly.  

My specialism? Window Displays – the WOW! that attracts the customers over and engages their interest…and teaching you how to do it yourself!  A well-presented shop window or business helps to make a High Street look exciting and colourful – the lure for people to park up and explore.

Why Bother?

If you are a shop-owner, killer windows are worth their weight in gold. After all, competition on the high street has never been fiercer and we haven’t even mentioned the impact that online retailers are having – now more than ever! Visual Merchandising and Visual Styling are crucial whatever type of business you have, as first impressions always count!

Think of your displays as your first opportunity to make a positive impression.  Perhaps you don’t have window displays as such, but you can still dress the outside of your business or make changes to the interior, so your customers really enjoy their visits to you. Displays will really catch their attention and help create further sales – look upon them as your silent sales-team!

The bottom line is that effective, well styled window and interior displays are extremely powerful and if you get them right, you will literally stop people in their tracks!

So how can we help?

At Made You Look! we teach the basics of composition and display, showing you that the task isn’t quite as daunting as you may have thought!  We’ve broken the art down into six, manageable steps which will guide you through the process. Our range of presentations, seminars and workshops teach you all the skills you’d need to create simple visual displays, and from experience we know what works and what doesn’t.

Our workshops are designed to be fun, inspirational, and as personal as possible…and of course we’ll teach you the basic principles of layout, balance, space, flow, composition and grouping… plus much more.

Importantly too, we’ll get you to look at your own business through your customers’ eyes to ensure you’re really offering them the very best, and you’re not missing out on any tricks!


Window Dressing courses  for you & your business

The basic rules of display apply to almost anything, whether you sell jewellery, hair & beauty products, cakes, wallpaper, or are a pharmacy, fashion, or gift shop…the list is endless. Even if you have no merchandise as such and you’re selling yourself, a service, or are in hospitality and you need some fresh ideas to make  your business look attractive from inside and out, there’s something for you too. Perhaps you rely on markets or similar events to promote yourself? Yes, we can help! 

We’ve created different packages which allow us to work with all types of individuals, business, teams, and merchandise, and we feel we’ve something to cover everybody’s needs with many of our Visual Display courses being bespoke – we like to create the ideal solution with you.  We have recently introduced an online course too so you can study from the comfort of your own home    and of course at a time to suit you and without the travel costs.

online course

Learn the basics of window display online