Christmas at Walmgate Alehouse in York

We were invited to help with the re-brand of a local bar and bistro, pulling its 17th Century history back to the fore.  Working alongside the owners’ own plans and using our expertise as well as our passion to deliver a great look and feel to a fabulous building, the following ideas evolved to achieve interest and intrigue as well as a relaxing ambience.

Painting some of the walls dark red, adding a large mirror in the front bar, hanging crates on some walls, draping rope from the ceiling and walls, placing photographs and displays around the room and suspending lanterns and candles teamed with the new hand-crafted wooden tables, shelves and seating have really given this 17th Century  building a new identity.

The overall effect has bought the rope maker and saddler origins back to the building…footfall has increased dramatically and the tills have proved that business has improved conclusively!