Very few retailers run flagshop stores!

A1 Retail magazine kindly provided us with a soapbox so we could express our opinion about Flag Ship Stores and how very few retailers actually have one! We are especially passionate about helping the small business owner too …and this is how it read…

Very few retailers run flagship stores!

“I have never worked out how many shops there are within our towns and villages across the country, but I can tell you very few of them have large budgets to spend on Visual Merchandising and advertising – if indeed any.  It struck me that most of the shops and projects highlighted are generally either flagship stores and shops with huge budgets to invest in VM, marketing expertise and digital technology, or the struggling retailer who remains under an umbrella of doom and gloom with the demise of the High Street clearly upon them.”

“I’m not talking about the North/South divide, but I am standing up for the small independent retailer, the business which is able to provide something unique for their customer which you possibly wouldn’t find in an out of town shopping centre. These are the people we are trying to help stand out on the high street – the ones with no budget set aside for advertising or VM at all.”

“First of all there are some amazing independent window displays around which have been created without a huge fortune being lavished upon expensive props. Visualisation, a good eye for colour and theme as well as a basic understanding of grouping and merchandise styling mixed with repurposed props and materials is often all it takes to create eye-catching yet engaging displays for the customer to enjoy.  Yet there are also businesses and retailers who don’t appreciate the value of their shop front and its importance in attracting trade not only to themselves but their neighbours too…or not! The wrong impression and customers will pass on by. As we all know first impressions are crucial, but quite often this simple fact is overlooked.”

“This is where our passion lies. We work with BID teams, councils, VM colleges and different Retail Sector groups talking, presenting, demonstrating or even running hands-on workshops and consultations from which the attendees acquire a basic understanding of the importance of display, just where to start and basic grouping skills as well as suggestions of upcycling. Yet one size doesn’t fit all so we are constantly thinking of innovative ideas to help set delegates apart from their competition yet setting their imaginations on fire for future projects of their own.”

“Yes, the high street is changing and there is no simple answer, but if all shop fronts were at least clean and cared for that would at least be a start?”