Christmas is nearly here! Have you noticed?

Well of course you have! You can’t but fail to notice when towns, markets and shopping centres are illuminated with sparkling Christmas lights and the High Street is full of exciting shop window displays tempting you inside to explore further. You are coaxed around the shop floor looking for a solution to your gifting worries…only so many shopping days left …
This is the time of year when everyone pays extra-special attention to the appearance of their businesses and where everything looks fabulous.  Everyone takes more time than usual to create the WOW factor as they know it really helps to increase sales…

So why do many retailers not bother during the rest of the year? If anything it’s even more important to lure customers onto their premises when Christmas isn’t on the agenda. It’s the rest of the year that many businesses need help and struggle to find inspiration – often ending up burying their heads and doing nothing.
So how can we help? We offer visual display training workshops which not only help delegates to find that inspiration but also shows them what can be achieved simply , effectively and with very little budget. We emphasise the importance of good display and take them through the basic building blocks of display and just where to start in creating that ‘WOW!’ shop window – not just at Christmas but all year round!

So how can we help? Take a look at our forthcoming workshops and if these don’t suit we’ll come to you!

York ‘Open’ Taster Day 2017