The tourists are back!

Catch them while you can!

Is your high street full of colour and excitement with vibrant shop window displays to lure visitors to stop, explore and spend – or is it rather dull and un-inviting so visitors drive straight through looking for somewhere more inviting to stop and stay…?

When was the last time you walked down the High Street and stopped to admire a fabulous window display? I’m sure you remember the shop and what they sold.  Or maybe you noticed a shop that was so scruffy your general assumption would be (quite possibly incorrectly) that it was yet another statistic in the demise of the High Street.

Well these are the messages going out to visitors as they travel around our beautiful country this summer.  There are many businesses and retailers who don’t appreciate the value of their shop front and its importance in attracting trade not only to themselves but their neighbours too…or not! First impressions are critical for customer appeal.

Running a business – retail or otherwise – has many challenges and owners need a vast array of skills…  ‘window dressing’ is quite often just one more challenge which can be rather daunting despite a good shop front making all the difference to their visual appeal.  Many handle their window space beautifully yet others really need to be shown what to do – and where to start.

Well we can help!

Our illustrated Talks emphasis the reasons why good shop window displays are crucial for attracting customers – perfect for conferences and events with large audiences, whereas our Presentations are a little longer and teach the basic rules and guidelines of display too.  With a simple demonstration following our talk it brings it all to life.  We also offer one-to-one sessions with businesses at their own level and in their own premises or suitable venue, but the most popular course is our Taster Day. This gives delegates the opportunity to learn the theory first and then practice with some simple products so it all makes sense and becomes a reality. And as most retailers are time-poor, we have Mini-Taster sessions lasting just half a day which are a real hit with everyone – twilight sessions for convenience too.

So, next time you’re travelling around whether or holiday or on your daily commute, have a look and see what catches your eye and the messages you receive visually. What are your first impressions?

Taken from Place Magazine