British Flower Week

British Flower week was approaching and I was invited to create two displays in York to celebrate it.

The Paper Studio wanted to create a video inspiring florists as to what they could achieve with their window space, so Grant asked Floral Elegance in Acomb and David from Wards if they’d kindly lend us their windows.  The Paper Studio provided the posters and tags, Flowers by Clowance provided some beautiful British grown flowers – and I did the rest …and Grant got his camera out!

A tatty garden door I  found in the back shed provided inspiration for the first display, creating a place to relax amidst summer flowers in a rustic, cottage garden.  Alongside boards, bricks, gravel and moss which I used for the base, festoon lights helped to recreate the sense of lovely warm evenings to sit outside.  The cushions were a cost-effective way to enhance the British message further.



For my second display I took inspiration from a roll of wallpaper as I wanted to create the traditional summer rose garden with a  vintage tea party style.  So I used the paper both as a backdrop and also created a dress from it along with butterflies and grass panels for the base.

Grant made a time-lapsed video of the installation which is available to see on You Tube and from The Paper Studio’s website so do take a look here…(but make yourself a cuppa first!) Enjoy!