Bury St Edmunds BID revisited

How lovely to be invited back again! Our fourth visit, so I choose to believe we must be doing something right!  A day with a room full of delegates from a variety of business mixes, yet all there to be inspired with our display workshop in whatever form that may take.











I took everyone through the basics of display and we applied these rules to their own businesses to see what was, or wasn’t possible not only physically, but legally too as one business in particular was restricted with government rules and regulations regarding the merchandise they sell.

We had plenty of opportunity for discussion and also hands-on displays (similar to my one day workshop in York but on a larger and less personal scale).  However what really made my day worthwhile were the designs they all came up with towards the end of the day – without fail – of what they were going to try once back again in their own places of work!  It shows what we do really works!