Pairings Wine Bar

If you enjoy a perfect glass of wine – well Pairings is the place to go! Specially selected wines paired with delicious meats, cheeses and accoutrements beautifully presented with flower heads, all served in an atmospheric setting – no wonder tables are always full and booking an essential requirement!

A few years back, Pairings invited us to hang some Christmas decorations in their wine bar, so of course, as we help enhance brands and pull ideas from who they are and what they do together, the garlands HAD to be vines rather than anything else!

Over the last few years the décor has been re-modelled, and the ceiling grids have evolved from the natural branches we were using in our original design to the wooden grids they have now as part of their interior design scheme. The vines have increased in number and really do make a statement, not only as you walk by, but as you come inside and relax too.

In springtime we hang green vines with bunches of grapes and ivy, and in the Autumn we swap over to autumnal rusts with more changes to come at Christmas which is when we add fairy lights and hang oversized, hand-made bunches of golden and copper grapes all created from Christmas baubles in varying sizes.  Once again making something bespoke to who they are and what they do.