York’s Christmas Chocolate Story!

Chocolate has never been an easy product to display as A) it’s dark brown so doesn’t stand out visually and B) it melts in the sun!  There are many tricks you can do to disguise these problems, but at least at Christmas it’s always cold!  So therefore props are really useful for making a statement, and this year the trend suited our theme perfectly…

Candy Canes were the fashion this season so I could pick and choose to get just what I needed!  In addition Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory were the box office hit for Christmas, so everything fell into place.  The giant candy canes were printed 2D to make a statement and the chocolate bars too with the addition of flashing lights.  All other items were bought mainly from local stores and drama was created! Real show-stoppers especially the interior tree, all great for selfie back-drops too and the windows soon became a hit especially after the outside trees were put in place!

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