Clayton Square in Liverpool

We’ve decorated Clayton Square for many years, and the building has seen many changes.  It was time to change the colour scheme from beautiful jewelled colours we’d used for several years, to something new.  We’ve used peacocks with blues & greens, we’ve done reds & golds, blues & silvers too. So this time I thought I’d go with their orange branding, something quite contemporary.

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The Glorious Twelfth

I’m lucky enough to live in Yorkshire where there are so many wonderful towns and villages with beautiful, independent shops serving both locals and visitors alike. Many of these businesses are relied upon for everyday shopping and communal support, and Thomas the Baker is no exception – a local business with over thirty bakeries supplying not only fresh bread and bakes, but flour and yeast for customers during lockdown too.

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Ghost town

A big thankyou to SkyFilming who have given me permission to use their video of York under lockdown.

We no longer need to imagine how empty Towns and cities would look without shops and businesses open for trade welcoming in locals and tourists alike. Hustle and bustle, so often overwhelming in our beautiful city of York is sadly missed. York’s beautiful display of daffodils along the city walls this year had no audience.  York of course is not alone.  How we miss our freedom, businesses open for trade, colour, cafés, theatres, buzz – where you can see, touch and FEEL the merchandise before buying, and share the experience with friends.

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The British Display Society


VM & Display Show 2019


For over 70 years now the British display society has been representing the Visual Merchandising profession.

Established in 1947 it has always been seen as the authority of good window dressing and styling standards, promoting the highest standard of VM & Display.  Many past students have gone on to create exciting careers in the world of design and display, and today the British Display still continues.

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‘WOW’ Window Displays aren’t just for Christmas…

From Revive and Thrive’s  magazine

Have you planned your window displays for the coming year yet?

Do your high street traders need a little help and encouragement?


I believe the tinsel I mentioned in last month’s article has well and truly blown away now, and any remnants of Christmas which are still hanging around send very negative signals to everyone. The sales are almost over and the high streets fairly deserted as everyone recovers from Christmas – and the flu! And who wants to be out in this cold, grey, uninspiring weather anyway? The tourist season hasn’t started properly yet – so why bother with your window? Everyone knows what you do – right? Well actually – possibly wrong!

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Going Round in Circles!

This was our stand at the VM & Display Show at the Business Design Centre recently. A great place to meet like-minded industry experts!

Utilising our branding colours we wanted to illustrate a few points used frequently in display: colour of course; props;; fabric handling; pyramids; space; lighting; the difference different colour backgrounds can make and of course movement .

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British Flower Week

British Flower week was approaching and I was invited to create two displays in York to celebrate it.

The Paper Studio wanted to create a video inspiring florists as to what they could achieve with their window space, so Grant asked Floral Elegance in Acomb and David from Wards if they’d kindly lend us their windows.  The Paper Studio provided the posters and tags, Flowers by Clowance provided some beautiful British grown flowers – and I did the rest …and Grant got his camera out!

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Made You Look! go International!

We were recently invited to Global Travel Group’s annual Conference at La Manga in Spain. Well – we couldn’t say ‘no’ now, could we?!

We were invited to speak to tour Operators and Travel Agents to inspire them as to what is possible and how they can create eye-catching displays to promote their amazing holidays.  Many are home-workers, but for those who do have a high street presence quite often their windows are full of posters and hand-written signs…not really selling that holiday dream!

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The tourists are back!

Catch them while you can!

Is your high street full of colour and excitement with vibrant shop window displays to lure visitors to stop, explore and spend – or is it rather dull and un-inviting so visitors drive straight through looking for somewhere more inviting to stop and stay…?

When was the last time you walked down the High Street and stopped to admire a fabulous window display? I’m sure you remember the shop and what they sold.  Or maybe you noticed a shop that was so scruffy your general assumption would be (quite possibly incorrectly) that it was yet another statistic in the demise of the High Street.

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