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At Made You Look! we’ve created different packages which allow us to work with all types of individuals, businesses, teams and merchandise. We feel we’ve something for everyone.  Most of our Visual Merchandising courses are bespoke as we’re happy to create the ideal solution with you.

With Janet in Kent and Helen in Yorkshire we cover most of the country although since the Pandemic we can help you online too.

High Street Regeneration

Watch the video to see just how important colourful window displays are for Town Centres.



So why is display so

We speak about why first impressions are crucial for any business, not just retailers, and how eye-catching window and interior displays can help you raise your profile and increase sales. With our Visual Merchandising training you’ll be amazed how a couple of simple, inexpensive changes can make all the difference to your business!

Accompanied by an inspirational PowerPoint presentation this talk lasts 30 minutes and you’ll leave full of enthusiasm and with new ideas to move your business forward.

Perfect for Conferences, Trade Shows and Events where we can tailor our talk especially for your audience.



How do I create a
display – just where
do I start?

You’ll be guided through the basic steps and key principles required in creating a display. You’ll learn the fundamental rules and guidelines and just why they are so important in making your display a success.

Balance, space, focal points, colour, sight lines, grouping, planning and signage are just a few of the topics we’ll cover in our talk.

This will be followed by a demonstration of basic grouping skills to further enhance our presentation.

This lasts 3 hours and numbers are unlimited. You provide the audience and we’ll come to you!!



taster days

But I’d like to do something practical too


Then our Taster Day is perfect for you!

Lasting a full day, the morning will consist of us teaching you the basic points and principles of display – fundamental rules and guidelines, balance, space, focal points, colour, sight lines, grouping, planning, signage, tools of the trade as well as much more.

In the afternoon you’ll have the opportunity for hands-on experience and will practice basic grouping techniques as well as other simple projects which you’ll find invaluable for most displays. You’ll receive a set of full notes which will be a useful reminder once we’ve gone.

Lasting 6 hours numbers are restricted to 8 per trainer so we can give you the individual attention you require.

You provide the venue, delegates and refreshments and we’ll come to you.

However if you’re an individual we do run the occasional Taster Day especially for you. To find out when they are please sign up to our mailing list and  we’ll let you know when they are – and keep an eye too on our home-page and social media posts.



master class

I’d love you to help me with my own products


For this day to be beneficial you’ll need to have a previous understanding of basic grouping guidelines which we cover in both our Presentation and Taster Day events.

We’ll spend the day creating small displays, working with not only your product, but sets of stock we’ll bring along in addition. We’ll also cover suspension, creating a panel display, fashion and textile handling too. You’ll receive a set of full notes which will be a useful reminder once we’ve gone as well as a certificate as proof of your training with us, although our courses are not accredited.

Lasting 6 hours numbers are restricted to 6 per trainer as we like to pay more attention to your requirements.

You provide the venue, delegates and refreshments and we’ll come to you.



Could you come and offer us your advice?

Yes, of course!

Maybe you’d like us to give you our first impressions?  We’ll come to your shop or business, offer ideas and suggestions and help you with your visual appeal.

Kerb appeal, window and interior displays, basic layout with merchandising hints and tips…we’ll even bring our tool bags! And should you wish, we’ll run through the PowerPoint presentation with you too. We’ll leave you with a handwritten summary of our findings and suggestions…then it’s up to you!

Half day or whole day, just give us a call and we’ll arrange a date.




I just need a few ideas  in how to present  my business creatively…

Then this short course is perfect for you!

Let us show you how to make the most from your table-top displays whether they are for a Wedding Fair, Craft Event or a Market stall. Or maybe you’re attending a Business or Networking Event or Exhibition and a table doesn’t even come into the equation…

Wherever you are, you need to look your best, create a clear message and stand out from the crowd.

Where do you start?   Let us help you!

Lasting around three hours and limited to ten places per session, we will make our time together as relevant to your businesses as possible. If you have a banner stand please bring it along with any flyers & business cards you may have so we can help with ideas.

You’ll be amazed how just a few simple changes could make all the difference to your business!

You provide the venue, delegates and refreshments and we’ll come to you.


I find it difficult to escape from my business…


Well the Online Starter Course is perfect for you then! You can do it in your own time and at your own convenience, at work, alongside your studies or at home. It’s quite generic – the basic building blocks of display with something  for everyone whether you’re already in retail, hospitality or are a service industry – everyone’s got a message to shout about if they want to sell their skills!  Or maybe you’re a student and wanting to learn display to compliment your studies – or you might just fancy learning something completely new and unusual in your retirement!

The bonus too is that if you’d like some feedback,  the GOLD COURSE will allow us to do just that – I will give you my critique over email.  And for the DIAMOND COURSE  we can spend time together over Zoom  creating new ideas too – my time is yours and I can help you in whichever way I can.


Your training would be perfect for our High Street!

And indeed, it would! In addition to our live training, the online course would give your Traders a  real understanding of the importance of good display and getting them to look at their own businesses objectively to see if there are any things they really should get to grips with.  I ask them to re-visit the points they make at the beginning of the course to see what they would change and also what they would add to that original list – this is a course with a plan!

For some traders the basic course is enough to open their eyes, point them in the right direction and to bring out their creativity.  Yet there will be other business who will need more help and support – gifting shops, fashion…those with more merchandise…  We can then offer further support either over Zoom or in person – whatever their needs we can work with you, the Place-maker, to come up with the ideal solution.

Zoom training isn’t as effective for large groups despite being possible. There are always one or two delegates who tend to pop in and out…I like my delegates to be with me for the WHOLE workshop, not just part of it as I plan & time it carefully. Numbers need to be restricted so I can give delegates the attention they’d like as well as tasks and a call-to-action which, with larger groups is more of a ‘challenge’.

If this course is something you’re interested in for your High Street, Levy Payers, group members, market traders…I am happy to negotiate on price for bulk purchases. So do get in touch so we can work out what works for you and your local businesses best.


“For anyone who uses any type of display to promote their business, I would suggest that you speak to Made You Look!. I regularly have a stand at exhibitions and seminars etc.  Prior to Helen’s input it tended to be a banner stand and a load of leaflets. Pretty rubbish really. Helen helped transform my display with brilliant ideas and gave me inspiration for my own. A morning spent learning the tricks of the trade and getting the insight of a professional is time and money well spent. Thanks”

John Bramwell.
Pen Life Associates


“Today was really rewarding and your ideas were great. I was worried I may feel out of my depth but you made everything so clear and easy to understand. I am very confident that your advice will increase sales and drive the shop forward. Even the small changes we made today have made an impact – I can’t wait to get in there tomorrow and start moving things around, and I’m really excited about the Christmas stock.”

“I would be happy to recommend you to anyone – it’s a truly brilliant service!”

Emma Clements

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