Based in York,  Helen Goodwin runs the business
supported by ‘Team Made You Look!’

“I can still remember the magic and drama from theatrical window displays which inspired me to follow this career all those years ago…a career which has been varied, exciting and never the same two days running.”

I still believe that each small business needs to know how to present not only themselves, but their brand in the best way possible. With technology, display is constantly changing – yet in rural areas there isn’t quite so much of a need for it – traditional window displays win most of the time!

With that in mind, these courses have been designed not only to inspire small businesses as to what can be achieved simply, easily and for minimum budget, but to show how to create their own displays following simple steps, showing them just where to start in what may seem to some, a daunting task!

Shop windows, table-top displays, showcases in hotels or sports clubs – the list goes on and on!  Social media relies heavily upon photographs, and the same golden rules of composition apply here too. Eye-catching displays WILL grab attention – heads will turn and you will stand out against your competitors. So why wouldn’t  you invest in them?!

Based in York,  Helen Goodwin runs the business supported by ‘Team Made You Look!’

Helen studied at the College for the Distributive Trades in the heart of London’s West End,  gaining the British Display Society’s ‘Advanced Level Diploma in Visual Display and Window Dressing’ (She has been, until recently, Vice Chair of the Society)

Her first job was as part of the display team for DH Evans in Oxford Street where she worked with the whole range of merchandise from throughout the store.  After a couple of years she started her own Visual Display Consultancy first in London and now in Yorkshire, installing window displays for retailers both large and small.   Over the years she has worked on many projects including makeovers on houses, commercial businesses and hospitality too, often featured in both local and national magazines.

In 2008 due to a growing demand for display training, Helen along with her colleague Janet created Made You Look! passing on their knowledge and experience to many satisfied customers.

Sadly during the pandemic most live workshops came to a stop, so, through gritted teeth, Helen ’embraced’ the challenge of creating an Online Version, and with techy help and guidance, managed to transpose the Day course into something more readily available for more people. And using email and Zoom we can offer feedback wherever you are – Consultations too.