who we work with

Town Teams, Local Authorities and Business Improvement Districts

A large part of our work is through Local Authorities who offer support to businesses within their jurisdiction. High Street Regeneration is so important, and we play an active part in the process through our training courses.

If a town centre looks exciting and vibrant, full of colourful shop window displays, people travelling through will feel enticed to stop and visit, the locals encouraged to shop and socialise there too.  If the Centre is dull and grey – well the empty car parks speak volumes!

Groups, Retailers, Businesses

We’ve worked with a wide variety of groups and retailers over the last fifteen years, especially through BIDs, Town Teams and Place makers, the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) too.  Many small independent Businesses are lucky enough to receive local support through Government, Lottery or European funding.

We’ve spoken to, and worked with a wide mix of Trades and groups at Conferences and Events…the same basic principles of creating impact and turning heads apply whoever you are and whatever you do.

TALKS, PRESENTATIONS and HALF DAY WORKSHOPS work well depending (of course) on what your requirements are, but CONSULTATIONS where you organise a ‘surgery’ of Q&A appointments for your retailers work really well too.  Sometimes all a business needs is a kick and a wake-up call!

Remember our specialism is the WOW! the ‘Creative Displays’ that stop people in their tracks – that extra attention to detail to make you stand out from the crowd…your competitors too.

You provide the venue and we can come to you.

Do you work alone? We’ve something for you too!

THE DAY WORKSHOP in York is perfect for you as we have a maximum of six people attending. You send us photographs beforehand so not only do we come mentally prepared, but we’ll include slides and bring props of relevance to you too. We’ll work closely with you throughout the day so you’ll leave with plenty of new ideas, eager to get started on a new scheme.

Our ONLINE COURSE is another option taking you through the Basic Rules and Guidelines of Display broken into Six, jargon-free Steps. From the comfort of your own home or business, you have 90 days to complete the modules which are a series of images, videos and narratives – and if you need to pause, you can pick up where you left off.  If in addition you’d like email feedback then choose the GOLD course, or pick DIAMOND if you’d like an hour’s Consultation over Zoom with us too. 

So not only is it a cost-effective option, but you save on travel costs, and of course it’s a greener option too. 


online courses

Learn the basics of window display online