‘WOW’ Window Displays aren’t just for Christmas…

From Revive and Thrive’s  magazine

Have you planned your window displays for the coming year yet?

Do your high street traders need a little help and encouragement?


I believe the tinsel I mentioned in last month’s article has well and truly blown away now, and any remnants of Christmas which are still hanging around send very negative signals to everyone. The sales are almost over and the high streets fairly deserted as everyone recovers from Christmas – and the flu! And who wants to be out in this cold, grey, uninspiring weather anyway? The tourist season hasn’t started properly yet – so why bother with your window? Everyone knows what you do – right? Well actually – possibly wrong!

Oh! the importance of a brightly-lit eye-catching window display which really shines out in the doom and gloom! Turning heads as you let everyone know all about your business and what you do Have you planned your window displays for the coming year yet? Do your high street traders need a little help and encouragement – offering a beacon of hope that spring may be on its way…eventually…but not just spring – the rest of the year too? We all know time passes faster and faster these days and we don’t have enough time to do everything that needs doing… so forward planning really helps to make life easier.

If you’re a retailer, it’s likely you’ll be busy ordering stock for the year ahead from trade shows over the next month or two – so take inspiration from your suppliers’ exhibition stands and plan your displays with a similar theme. Then you’ll be all ready and set to create something ‘WOW!’ when it arrives onto your shop floor. Other businesses may not have the advantage of colourful merchandise, so take inspiration from the different services on offer; the seasons; the commercial calendar – and any events which may be planned for your town and community.

It’s not so much fun if you work alone though, so what about other businesses in your area? Do you meet so you can plan a campaign and work together so you can generate far more impact, attention, footfall and sales? … ultimately you need your high street to become a talking point!

“I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for yesterday. Had the Town Team meeting today and received so much positive feedback. You really provoked positive discussions amongst the group!”

Market Towns Project Officer

“Thought I’d send you a photo of our ‘spring’ themed window display which has (hopefully!) utilised some of the wonderful hints and tips from the ‘Made you Look’ course you arranged for us. We really enjoyed it and it certainly gave me the inspiration to ‘up my game’ in an effort to stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the competition! Not sure if we’ve stuck to all the principles (can’t say I’m naturally artistic) but the practical ideas about use of “fishing wire” etc were so useful and something I would never have thought of without attending the course. The photos we’ve used are scenes from Matlock Bath from the turn of the century so hopefully may catch the attention of passers-by and tempt them to come in.”

Delegate Matlock Bath